Ahmed Abisola Opeyemi

Ahmed Abisola is the current Executive Director of One Voice Initiative.

She is currently a student of the University of Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria, where she shows great academic prowess in the field of Agricultural Economics.

Abisola is the C.E.O of Top Notch Euphoria, a leading Catering, Event Planning and Management Company. She has organized various Top Notch Events across Nigeria. She was also the Social Minister for the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Ibadan where she performed outstandingly and clinched the award for the Best Executive and Most Outstanding Executive.

Abisola is a prolific speaker and an adept writer. She is zealous about change and transforming her immediate environment and the world at large. She is also passionate about kids. She is an organized individual, and has excellent interpersonal relationship skills.

She strongly believes that you have not truly lived if you do not do something worthwhile for the people that may never be able to repay you except through their smiles and happy hearts. She believes that if everyone can extend love to at least someone, societal menace such as suicide, extreme poverty among others will exist no more.

Abisola is an advocate for social good and promotes debates and causes on themes related to leadership development, social entrepreneurship, economic development and youth development.