Just yesterday, I had a discussion with my friends about novels and African Literature especially those that focus on women. Throughout our discussion, I discovered that there has been so much stereotype attached to women especially in Africa. Most books about women portray women in light of their plights and sufferings. There is always this catharsis of pity, melancholy and empathy felt towards women. This therefore brings me to the questions; why are we still placing much importance and emphasis on women’s plights? Why can’t we celebrate their strengths, achievements? Why does the definition of a strong woman have to be limited to anyone who has been a victim of one situation or the other?

I was excited when the 100 most inspiring women in Nigeria list was released by Leading Ladies Africa. As described by Leading Ladies Africa, “the list features 100 Nigerian Women drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and sectors who are deliberately impacting their world and local communities through the power and strength of their ideas and achievements.” The list therefore contains women who are making great strides in the world of Business, Politics, Advocacy, Governance and enterprise”. We shall be examining five of these women;


She is the founder of Pearls Africa Youth Foundation, an NGO aimed at educating young girls in under-served areas in Nigeria with technological skills. On November 1, 2018, Abisoye was just named one of the ten CNN heroes of the year. She was also recently listed as one of the BBC’s 100 women.


She is the founder of women in politics, a platform that engages, encourages, equips and empowers women in Nigeria to get involved. She is a tri-sector leader with over a fourteen-year experience working across non-profit, private and public sectors as a development over a decade ago with Actionad international Nigeria. She is currently the director of strategy, Lagos State Employment Trust Fund.


She is an award-winning energy professional with over a decade’s experience leading multicultural and multilingual teams across Africa. She is particularly committed to working towards finding solutions that address and lead to the eradication of energy poverty experienced by women in rural areas and in developing countries. She is currently an Independent Legal Consultant in the field of Energy. Adaku is also the founder and CEO of Dax Consult.


She is popularly known for the Adanna vlogs on you tube alongside her husband- where they share on family, travel and lifestyle. Adanna is also a digital influencer and a motivational speaker with a passion for female empowerment and humanitarianism. She’s the founder and CEO of Medics Abroad, a global platform that provides a unique all-inclusive career altering work experience and humanitarian opportunities in Africa.


She is the founder and Executive Director at Ideation Hub Africa (a social profit accelerator). She hosts Nigeria’s leading conference for NGO leaders, social entrepreneurs and change makers. Debola is also the President at Deborah Initiative for Women, a ministry in 5 countries, raising other women for God’s Kingdom Agenda.

   The achievements of these women is just a proof that women in the 21st century have emerged to assume daring roles in the society that deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. Cheers to the 21st century phenomenal women.


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