It’s the greatest betrayal to one’s self. You think that betrayal in friendship is bad, try betraying yourself. Sadly, you won’t have a tale to tell, only other people will have something to say about your pointless actions.

What experience should warrant you taking your own life? A sage once opined that there are only two kinds of people on earth:

The Survivor

The Quitter

Survivors always have scars, experiences to share and a well developed future for them.

Quitters on the other hand, take the easier route.


Even as sperm cells, there was a lot of hard work in swimming that made you make the finish line.

For the fact that you survived that means you can surmount anything.

Most people suicide is caused depression and sometimes it results from low self esteem.

Depression is not a feeling that starts in a day, it starts from simple things you don’t talk about.

  • Is your mind troubled by the expectations of your parents? There is always a way to talk them into allowing you achieve your goals at your pace. Give them reason.
  • Is it caused by a spouse (boyfriend or girlfriend/ husband or wife)? Did they leave you at the moment you wanted them the most? Taking your life is not a way to make them pay. You need to stand your ground and independently strive to the greatest height possible.
  • Is it the condition of your finances? Remember that there was a time in history known as the Great Depression. It was a time when nothing worth anything. Food, shelter, work, nothing was available. The people who survived that period birthed a world that is baptized in freedom and happiness.
  • Are you failing in your exams? Always remember that there are people who failed 99 times. You should learn from the man that invented light bulbs: his story says he failed many times, but kept on trying till. It worked. I know you’d say time is not on your side, but also remember that there are other ways that lead to your future and none of them is suicide.

Always note that life is a game. If you play and fail, hit the ‘TRY AGAIN’ button and start with more energy and determination like never before. Try changing patterns.

If you’re having emotional and mental dwindle, confide in a well respected individual. They’ll help you out.

More so, Always hope for the best but prepare for the worst, that way, you can absorb any form of challenge.

Be a winner today, Choose to Live!!




written by

Ojone Dennis Ugbedeojo

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