The reality in the fiction :GAME OF THRONES part 2


I’m about to unveil the night King and his army of the dead and white walkers.
They are the politicians we have in all levels of government.
I’ll prove it.
1. The objective of the Night King is to wipe clean the living, the objective of our politicians to wipe clean the treasury of the nation in all ways possible
2. The Night King kills/consumes unsuspecting beings and adds them to his army, the politicians kill the public systems of the country so that the people will be jobless, poor and unsuspecting. Then they come into homes like Good Samaritans and turn youth into cultists, bandits, thugs etc in their name.
3. No one ever knows the where about of the Night king’s family. You’d say it doesn’t count but you don’t know the whereabouts of the political class’ families.
4. The night King was happy that the wildlings were not educated enough to have fled their base, same as our politicians happy that the people lack education about their right and power to oppose and remove government.
5. Borrowing Jon’s words; our enemy doesn’t tire: that’s why after two tenure local government chairmanship, they climb to two tenure governorship and still climb to senate house or ministerial or presidency as the case may be.
Those were some points about the night King and our politicians.

Jamie Lannister however is a popular man who wants to fight for the living (the common Nigerian), just like a popular musician is doing in his recent singles.
Then that part when Ayar Stark got needle back, clearly states how the security forces use their uniforms and arms to harass hard working commoners.
The part when Ayra was captured by the Lannisters and they were slaughtering people for irrelevant questions, that’s how some security operatives kill innocent common Nigerians for the most hilarious reasons ever.
Do you know how state policing will end up if implemented? It will end up like Theon Greyjoy sailing to the iron islands to muster help for Robb Stark. Recall how he turned around to capture winterfell, that’s how the state police, people are crying for will turn around to capture their lands, homes, sons, daughters and take away every thing you hold dear. You won’t do anything because they’re the police.
There are people who’s faith in a supreme being is so great just like the red priestess but they interpret visions and prophesies to suit them. Like we see in our politically motivated “men of God”.
Many parts of the country is as good as Flee bottom, whipped and wiped.
Captains of industries, Chiefs of offices and Senior office holders put their tribe and family members into office; not for qualification, but for the same reasons that Tywin Lannister sponsored his children to Kings landing.
God Fathers also imitate how Jeofrey and Tomen Baratheon sat on the iron throne but Tywin Lannister; their grand father ruled the seven kingdoms in their name.
The way many of the wildlings rejected Jon Snows offer at first is the same way people will reject this call for compatriots, till it became too late and the dead came upon them, just like the dead (politicians) are already upon us.

Compatriots are the people rallying in the North with Jon Snow (Aegon the 6th) to fight the night King and his army of the dead, (politicians and their thugs.).
The nights watch, the reformed wildlings, the unsullied, the dorthrachy horde, the houses of the north, men, women, children, all fighting the dead. They’re armed with valerian steel, dragon glass and 2 full grown dragons.
On the other hand, the dead have everything, same way the politicians have the police and military plus their thugs with them.
But we don’t want to die in this winter. So let us fight with everything we’ve got, social media, street protests and other medium we can get our hands on.
Because if we don’t fight this winter now, it’ll last for a thousand years. And all the politicians need to succeed (how the night King will win) is when the compatriots, (you and I) sit in our castles and do nothing.
The wall has been breached and the Umbers have been destroyed as in the last general elections, the Judiciary, the police, the military and other sister security agencies. Now, our work is even tougher. We need to destroy him (the night King and his army of the dead) before he gets to Bran; (our future), we need to fight this politicians of our time before they completely destroy our future.
“We need every last man we can get.”
Let’s put aside our differences to fight this Winter together now, if we must survive.


Written by

Ojone Dennis Ugbedeojo

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