The reality in the fiction: GAME OF THRONES.

Nigeria is as the seven kingdoms of Westerios.

As in Season 1; Winter came upon Nigeria in 1999, the same year the military birthed the 4th republic.
I’m sure the soldiers who opposed that move were decisively dealt with in accordance with the law- just as Ned Stark passed the law on the deserter of the BLACK.
They tried to warn the common people (the living) that winter is upon us.
There are some things to note in a disordered manner. Like the battle of the bastards, it’s a clear visualization of the elections in Rivers State.
The rebellion of Robb Stark after the execution of his father is like the South-east of Nigeria asking for whatever they were asking for.
Wildlings (the free folk) destroying villages is very peculiar to the herdsmen attacks in some agricultural States of Nigeria where these attacks are often reported.
The nights watch is perfectly represented in the Nigeria police force: under staffed, undermanned, and under budgeted group of all-black wearers who are always fighting wildlings (free folks) as they’re fighting cultists, kidnappers and bandits.
Our minister of finance is like Lord Peter Bailish, the crown is out of cash and ZAP cash comes in from the iron bank of Bravos, same as cash is borrowed daily from IMF and World bank.
The judiciary of Nigeria is definitely; I don’t know. Just corrupt in every way, they’re acting like the Greyjoys (at some point) the Boltons, the Freys… Perverting justice and bending the rules to the highest bidder.
Yahoo boys, musicians, actors and actresses are the Lannisters; claim to fight for the common people, but end up enriching themselves by what ever illegal means possible.
Remember when queen Serci armed the faith militants, that’s how bandits and cultists have been armed, and now possess the might to attack the common people.
Not leaving out the high sparrow, fully represented as our religious leaders who started as if feeding the poor and defending the innocent was their main aim suddenly have graduated to living in so much luxury, they have purchased private jets for themselves, built institutions that the common people CANNOT afford, and have made themselves unapproachable.
Everybody is now forming an organization, an NGO, a coalition, something politically inclined, just like the brotherhood, also as every pile of shit some where had a king. The battle of 5 kings.
Stanus Baratheon used black magic to assassinate his brother, same way different means of killing within families continues to increase.
People ran away from kings landing and the crown didn’t care because they are not family members. The same way people are running away from Nigeria and the politicians don’t care about this development.
Every body envies the iron throne, same as all politicians want to sit on a leadership position.
The nights watch at some point didn’t care about the wildlings (free folk) killing each other, also the white walkers killing them, same way some people don’t care about people dying everyday, everywhere.
The butchers boy that was killed, and no one said anything significant about it, that’s how common people are murdered and nothing is done for them or their families.
Recall the part when Gilli’s father took his male children into the woods and white walkers took them and changed them into their kind? That’s exactly how parents take their children to these politicians for favor and they in turn change once innocent Nigerians into merciless street thugs that behead fellow human beings.
Remember the mutiny that killed Lord Mormon, North of the wall? The perfect representation of how people murder other people to get the power they want.


Written by

Ojone Dennis Ugbedeojo

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