Arise Oh Compatriot

I do see some propaganda posts of “before and after” especially after a road has been fixed. The truth is that the reverse is the case.
Government is supposed to be of the people by the people and for the people, what we see now is government by the aspirants for their party by their thugs.
Men who are ALLEGEDLY voted in to represent the people in either as senators, or representatives do not care about the people because the people didn’t actually vote them in.
Governors who are ALLEGEDLY voted in to office to move a state to the promise land (always going to the promised land) do not care about the people because they are well aware that the people are afraid of the government.
OH! Nigeria, government should be afraid of the people. You pay your taxes and they don’t give you any dividends of democracy.
•The people “representing” you in government via the legislature goes home with so much money that 1% of it can feed your extended family for a month with much spill over.
•N30,000 new minimum wage is about to throw the country back into recession.
• Petroleum products in Nigeria is the most expensive and also the most lucrative illegal business.
1.2 billion daily for subsidy, yet kerosene and diesel is being pumped into sales by illegal means.
NNPC of an oil producing country CANNOT sustainably refine crude. Of all 4 refineries I’m aware of, none has any hope of seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
•Public systems are failing because no highly placed person has interest in them- sometime ago, the Wife of the President visited what supposed to be the most advanced and best medical facility in Nigeria, cited in the Presidential Villa, but they wee out of N50 paracetamol for a slight headache.
•SSCE supervisors and invigilators enrich themselves annually, especially time for the SSCE examinations, extorting from students and making them cheat and… OH! No wonder the lowest certificate as far as education is concerned is one of the requirements to be elected into office of governance in a Nation as rich as Nigeria.
• No government owned BASIC and senior secondary school premises is worthy to be a poultry fa…. (no, birds are hygienic animals) A PIG FARM.
Pigs see most of our government owned schools and say; “God this is dirty”.
Because unpatriotic men are the rulers of this country.
Nigeria’s problems are thus:
Unpatriotic leadership.
No Vision
Lack of national values
Sentimental leadership (both party and tribal)
Over dependence
Religious leaders
Abuse of power
Mis-appropriation of public funds
Sentimental and dependent Judiciary
Lack of trust
No value for life
Free independence
Civil disobedience
Drug abuse
And many more too numerous to mention.
I once watched a Telecast on the most corrupt countries in Africa, I was shocked to the bones that Nigeria was NOT number one.
Seychelles however the ranked highest has a clean environment recognized by foreign tourists for its beauty and constant power supply.
What do they have: a beach front on all sides of the country and civilians to keep them clean.
What does Dubai have? A dried up oil well that birthed an international standard of living. Oh! Good leadership too.
What does Nigeria have
Unending oil wells
Loam rich soil for agriculture
A confluence of salt and fresh water
Tin, steel, uranium, gold.
3 nations joined in one
Fish rich waters
Limestone, calcium
Windy coastal fronts and peppermint hot sun.
Hard work on steroids
Great innovative minds
Best craftsmen

Nigeria has the might to withstand America in this 21st century. But the myopic men we call leaders only acquire wealth to themselves and are plunging the future of the country into cultism and cult related practices, handsome reward for evil doers, destruction of sanity and Poverty
Good news is that… There’s hope.
It’s in the first line of the national anthem:
“Arise Oh Compatriot”

Written by

Ojone Dennis Ugbedeojo

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