My OVI testimony by OYEWUMI A. Ifedolapo

My OVI testimony…

At first, it was just to celebrate Children’s Day that year (2017) and get on with my life as usual. After the exercise, I was impressed with how people turned out within the very short period of time and put their soul to putting smiles on the faces of the kids that day, so I decided to ask about the organization. I got a rough picture of what it was about and fell in love with the initiative. It didn’t take much effort to convince me to be part of the great platform.

To cut the long story short, I joined OVIWCE for a platform to be able to help others because I believe true happiness lies in service to humanity and I’m glad that I made the choice to. The organization has helped me to unlearn wrong notions, learn leveraging on opportunities and relearn how to be an actively useful member of the society.
Through the organization, I’ve made very good friends (though I’ve not met some) who have in one way or the other impacted in my life. The organization has given me friends in my circle that I can look up to, stay true to and lean on.

To this great organization, I’m more than honored and indeed very grateful to be here. I count myself as lucky to have found this organization.

May we continue to break records, make exploits and soar high!!!!

*Long live OVIWCE!!!!!!!*

Happy 3rd Anniversary ♥♥♥

Written by 

OYEWUMI A. Ifedolapo


Published by 

Hamed Musa

OVIWCE Story 2019

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