On Wednesday 23rd January, 2019, a Drug Abuse

Campaign was carried out in line with the National Drug and Alcohol Fact Week (NDAFW). This was pioneered by Food and Genes Initiatives as part of its Drug Abuse Youth Sensitization (365 Days), of which One Voice Initiative for Women and Children Emancipation was a partner and was well represented.

The aim of the campaign was to counteract the myths about drugs and alcohol that teens get from the Internet, Social Media, TV, Movies, Music and Peers had volunteers. The campaign took place in 5 States in Nigeria namely Oyo, Ondo, Delta, Osun, Lagos and the Oyo State Campaign where One Voice Initiative was a Partner had Volunteers visit two schools; Ibadan Boys High School and Ibadan Municipal Government School.

Ibadan Boys High School was visited around 8AM where the students were then addressed on the Assembly ground with a session on the Dangers of Marijuana and reasons not to indulge in it as well and this was followed with a former addict sharing his personal experiences and ways to get out of it for those who already indulge in it. After this, an Anti-Drug club was created to further strengthen the sensitization and serve as a mode of help for the students afterwards.

Ibadan Municipal Government School was the next stop and here, we got to address the students per class. The students who were already done with the assembly and back to their respective classes were spoken to class by class. This had volunteers split to the different classrooms to have personal conversations and question session with the students, availing us more time to interact and share insights with them. An anti-drug club was created afterwards also.

Pictures were taken for both schools and the students were given the Banner to take pictures with as a way of their support to the Anti-Drug Campaign. The campaign was a grand success and had volunteers who were from different places network on different levels and for shared passion for humanity. At the end of the campaign, refreshments were provided, pictures were taken and volunteers dispersed.


Here are some of the pictures from the event

Report written by

Oke Emmanuel Ayomide


For OVIWCE 2019 publication

(article posted by Hamed Musa)


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