Towards An Able Future

Our women and children needs to be emancipated from all that threatens their well-being in this world.

Our women needs to be conscious of themselves so that they can raise children, adequately emancipated from the troubles of childhood and teen age.

Our children need to be taught about the dangers of unhealthy living.

Formal education is “A” key… It’s not always the key – institutions of nowadays are very much less than standard; poor learning environment, poor management, and inadequate professional staff. Parents are usually less concerned about this especially because these ‘educational’ bodies pay lesser fees to attract much crowd.

Children need to be taught on the importance of education, how education expands their horizon on anything they want to venture into.

A poorly educated child may not be able to think out of the box for some important issues.

This in a large sense renders them handicap.

Disability does not solely entail a crippled (physically) there more ways than one by which a child can be disabled; mentally, socially, emotionally, and otherwise; and most parents care little or not at all about the psychological excellence of their ward. THIS IS BAD!

Our women, this is a call to wake up, you should know and care about the well being of your ward.

Be free from educational bars.

Be free from environmental bars.

Emancipate yourself from modern slavery.

Being physically disabled does not hinder you.

YOU are able to think; THINK and let someone write all the multitude of things your powerful brain has to give.

My name is “OJONE DENNIS UGBEDEOJO” from Kogi State. Born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
I say; the emancipation of our women and children from mental slavery of this age will go a long way in shaping the future of our country and continent at large.


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