War Against Suicide And Substance Abuse

One Voice Initiative together with DTA Foundation organized and event against drug and substance abuse. The event was themed “War Against Suicide & Substance Abuse.

The DTA Foundation personnels arrived at the event, bringing along with them a large sized banner with the inscription “ War Against Suicide And Substance Abuse”, a sound PA system, two microphones, some placards containing captions like “ weed affect more than just you”, “stop tramadol abuse”, “suicide is a theif”, “ ending ones life is an act against God”, “say no to dry pawpaw leaves”, “say no to 10 days urine”, “say no to marijuana”, “say no to sniffing spirogera”, “I stand with DTA foundation in fighting against suicide and substance abuse”, some fliers with the inscriptions such as; “asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you are strong”, “strength grows in the moment when you think you cant go on but keeps you going anyway”, “stay away from tramadol abuse” with contact numbers, email address and website of the foundation.

The event started with a public address by DTA Foundation, this was carried out by the coordinator of the foundation in person of Dr. Tomiwa from LAUTECH. He welcome everyone that made out time for the parade and showed his emence gratitude for the sacrifice made. There and then, he gave us a briefing on the task ahead. We were to make a short parade within OAU for the next twenty minute which should have been longer than that but for time constraints.The walk within the school was a successful attention captivator with the aid of the vest, the banner and the placards that added a lot of allurement to the whole activity. We paraded down to Oduduwa and Amphi theatre, raising our banners and placards along the way. At various point in time, we were made to engage in verbal exchange with some of the students along with distribution of the fliers. 

Afterwards, we headed for Mayfair busstop in Osun state where we engaged in verbal exchange mostly with the okada riders and bus drivers who are known to be notorious in the act of substance abuse. We educated them on the need to stay away from substance abuse, drawing their attention to the negative effects of engaging in such acts. This was done mostly in the Yoruba language which is the predominant language in the localty. Different representatives from the different bodies surporting the parade were pulled at cirtain point in time to speak in other dialect such as the Hausa dialect, the Pidgen English dialect and the Igbo dialect respectively.

We formed a ring chain around the ORIOLOKUN statue with each personel raising a placard. This act attracted the attention of both pedestrants and motorist who threw verbal outburst from time to time.
We took the walk from Mayfair to Post office busstop in Lagere, Osun state. All the while, we were chanting along the way the contents on most of the placards, we distributed also the fliers to the okada riders, the bus drivers and the pedestrians along the way. It was a colourful, attention calling parade.
We then went to the Kings’ Palace; King Adeyeye Palace in Iremo, Osun state. We wanted to sensitize the King on the high rate of substance abuse in Osun state and its environ and also to act as a follow up on the concluded parade. On getting there, we were addressed by one of the King’s “Emese”; the King’s guide, who gave us an historical education on the traditions and custom of the palace. He gave us a tour of the Palace, taking us to strategic spots within the palace such as The Emesi Courth where it was claimed that justice was metted out to the locals in a traditional way, the burial spot of the kings of time past; actually we saw just two tombs one of which was that of the late King Oluremi Sijuade. The Emese then took us to the “Esu shrine” with an alarming warning on the sacredness of the place. We were told not to take photographs, we were told not to abuse or say a curse word for anything said was bound to come through. It was requested that we enter into the shrine with our bear foots. The Emese then gave us a historical downpour on the importance and sacredness of the shrine. The lecture was indeed an interesting one.
Afterwards, we were led to the Open Hall where we sat down at different angel to eat our lunch of egg roll and drink while we waited to see the king. We were meant to see the king on the dot of 3pm, however, he was engaged in a very important meeting at that time, causing us to wait for over one hour, this unfourtunately moves some personnels especially those living within that locality to leave. The OVIWCE coordinator in Osun state in person of Miss Olufikayo met and discussed with the king.

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