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From July 2018 – May 2019, We’re creating awareness on proper Menstrual Hygiene and a Fundraiser to the tune of NGN 2.5 Million ($7,000) towards the Donation of 5,000 Sanitary Pads to Undeserved Girls in Africa.

With your Donation of NGN 400 ($1.1/£1), You’d have secured 1 Sanitary Towel for a beneficiary.

These Pads will be donated to Underserved Women and Girls across Africa in Low-Income Communities on Tuesday, 28 May, MENSTRUAL HYGIENE DAY 2019 #MHDay2019.

She Needs A Pad Project (S.N.A.P.P)

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Poor menstrual hygiene may cause stigma and ill health, and can lead to school absenteeism and increased school drop-out rates. Menstruation is a taboo subject across the world, which can lead to misinformation and the promotion of dangerous menstrual hygiene practices.

Menstrual Hygiene Day is an annual awareness day on May 28 to highlight the importance of good menstrual hygiene management. It was initiated by the German-based NGO WASH United in 2014 and aims to benefit women and girls worldwide.

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