#MyOVIStory – Ayomide Akande 

My name is Akande Ayomide, a 400L Chemistry student of the University of Ibadan. I hail from Oyo state but reside in Lagos. Hobbies are writing and reading. I believe in the power of love. I believe that if everyone will live for others rather than themselves, then the world will be a better place to live in.

To me, OVIWCE has been like a family. A family I joined last year September and it has been amazing ever since. Having facilitators teach us on the importance of several things has been really helpful. I have learnt a lot. I have been enlightened on different issues such as child abuse, Female Genital mutilation, e.t.c and I have enlightened people also.

The highlight of my journey as an OVIte so far would be when we visited two orphanages in one day, JCMO and CHIPROM. It was a wonderful experience just sitting with those children, playing with them, cleaning with them, encouraging them and educating them. The feeling of that day is one I never want to stop experiencing. I remember that I met a very special friend, a little boy about four years old named Testimony. He was a very brilliant little child with big dreams and he saw no limitations whatsoever. He also wanted to become a superhero. He wanted to grow up to help people.

He, in his own childish way, reminded me that we ought not to live for ourselves alone but for others. This simple lesson I have carried with me always. I look forward to a future with OVIWCE. I look for to a future in OVIWCE. I look forward to a future as an OVIte.

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