Hi, I am Ibukun and here's my story.

Living with a younger sister as sweet as mine is priceless, coupled with the fact that she happens to be the only sister I have and the last child of my parents, growing up with two brothers though gave her a tough edge and a free spirit personality.

So this fateful day some years back when she was 13 years old, she was spending the holidays with one of my aunt in Ile-Ife, Osun state when my mum's phone rang, my aunt from Ile-Ife was calling, I could clearly hear the conversation from across the sitting room, she made the announcement almost like it was a testimony, there was a bit of excitement in my aunt's voice as she disclosed the news that my sister just had her first period, while my mum was happy as well, it didn't sound like a big deal to me as I probably just saw it as the same way a guy grows a thicker voice; the way we were taught in the biology class as all these things being just signs of the puberty stage.

Over the years from that day till now, I can barely count the number of times my eyes ever saw a sanitary pad around in the house, she is so clean and controlled that you hardly ever know when she's on her period, until a day which I still so remember so clear.

This was a day in which she had very severe cramps, she had her friend over at the house and so together with the friend they went to do the dishes in the kitchen, I entered the kitchen and saw her sitting down while her friend helped her with the washing, I questioned why she was not doing it herself and she said she had some stomach pains, immediately I just assumed she was on her period, I told her to get a towel and put in warm water to massage her abdomen sides (this I knew from a friend in school and from personal reading), being someone who doesn't give off much, my sister was surprised how I was able to quickly figure out the reason and how I was able to know what to do. Her friend gave me such a affectionate look and they both went "Awwwwnn" in amazement of my response. I smile and left them.

Ever since then, she became slightly more open not always to let me be aware, so on those days, I can take more responsibility for the house chores and help her where possible to be stress-free.

It has become somewhat of a normal thing for me to see those five days of a woman's period as a time when a man should show maximum respect to lady, and try to make her feel as comfortable as possible so she doesn't see her menstruation as a curse or burden she has to live through every month.