I couldn’t wait for the experience after the corp members came.

The first time I ever sighted menstrual blood was back in my primary school. We were all playing and jumping around when something happened: A thick blood stained wraps of tissue paper fell down in between the thighs of one of my friends and guess what? we all ran away! It was so bad that we refused having anything to do with her for weeks until she promised that it will not happen again.

Fast forward to my junior secondary school days, some Corp members came to sensitize us about what menstraution means, menstrual hygiene, managing menstrual cramps, menstrual materials and to cap it all we were all given disposable pads and there was room for questions and answers. It was really amazing listening to my friends asking questions. Sheriffat asked thus " Ma, that few watery blood drops observed on my pants after few days, is it normal?" I was so thrilled and could not believe that my friends were already in the league of such women. God, I can not wait! It was that day I got to understand what happened at the playing ground back in my primary school.

So, after that day I was already conscious of my body and looking forward to my own first experience too because I cant just wait to use the free sanitary pads!

The experience

I came back from school on that hot afternoon and I was trying to change from my school uniform when I noticed blood stains on my pant. I was so excited that I started jumping in my room.

So, I gently went to my mum to show her, and she told me that "I AM NOW A WOMAN" after a brief lecture, I was asked to take a warm bath, and she helped me fix my first pad!

The journey has been amazing over the years. Do I get stained? yes, at times! Do I have cramps? Yes! am I proud of being a woman? Yes, everyday, everytime!

Menstruation is normal and I am committed to train three other girls.