About us

One Voice Initiative for Women and Children Emancipation was established in March 2016. OVIWCE is a campaigning and advocacy organization of nearly Three (3) million people around the world taking action to end extreme poverty, preventable disease and other societal menace through Emancipation of Women and Empowerment of Children and Youths, particularly in Nigeria and Africa.

We believe the fight against poverty isn’t just about charity, but about Oneness, Togetherness and Equality.

Whether lobbying community leaders in country capitals or running cutting-edge grassroots campaigns, One Voice Initiative enlightens the government and the convinces the citizens to do more to fight discrimination against the Less-privileged and other issues relating to Women, Children and Youth in the poorest places in Africa and globally, to empower widows, expand access to resources, and to combat Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. Pioneered and Co-founded by Olayinka Joseph Adebajo and Abisola Opeyemi Ahmed, One Voice Initiative is strictly nonpartisan.

OVI’s nearly 3 million members are critical to this work. They come from every walk of life and from across the academic spectrum. They’re students and activists, faith and business leaders, artists, Engineers, actors/actresses and scientists. They lend their Voices day in, day out — organizing, mobilizing, sensitizing, educating, and advocating so that people will have the chance not just to survive, but to thrive.

OVI Teams and Volunteers in Nigeria (Ibadan, Lagos, Ogun, Osun and other states), Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, America, United Kingdom and Friends from other Countries educate and lobby governments to shape policy solutions that save and improve millions of lives — and which every year are under threat from cuts and other priorities.

OVI is a grant-making organization and we solicit funding from the public and will receive government funds as support if forthcoming. OVI is partly-funded by foundations, individual philanthropists, Volunteers, Members of Trustees and corporations.


To become an internationally recognized non-governmental organization providing innovative and sustainable solutions to issues affecting women and children.


Identifying and solving issues affecting the general well being of women and children.


– To solve issues inhibiting the general well being of women and children.

– To aid capacity building of our beneficiaries through skill acquisition and training.

– To advocate for policy implementation and review affecting women and children

– Creating strategic partnerships to achieve our vision.

– To the all such other lawful things as may be considered to be incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.