The Wellbeing Initiative in partnership with One Voice Initiative For Women and Children Emancipation (OVIWCE) organised some activities in anticipation and commemoration of the World No Tobacco Day 2018.


The Wellbeing Initiative an organisation focused on the reduction of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) contained in the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3.4.

The set of activities spanned from Monday, 28 May to Thursday, 31 May 2018. The Campaign kicked-off with a TweetChat on the @oviwce Twitter Page on Monday, 28 June with another TweetChat on the @TheWellbeingI Twitter Page on Tuesday, 29 May 2018. The Topics were Tobacco & Developement” and “Tobacco in the Global South” respectively.

The Campaign had radio sessions at Royal Roots R29 FM and Splash FM with Dr. Olanrewaju Adams and Toyyib Abdulkareem as the guests respectively.

The Campaign proceeded with a Zoom Video Webinar on Wednesday, 30 May with Dr Oluwatomi Nkem and Seye Omiyefa as guest facilitators.

A study was carried out and designed to investigate the incidence of cigarette smoking, cigar/pipe tobacco and snuff use in the Nigerian population.


In a sample of 1271 adult heads of household (1137 males, 134 females), the overall prevalence of regular smoking was 22.6%.

The proportions of regular cigar/pipe tobacco and snuff users were 17.9% and 9.6respectively. Among cigarette smokers, 60.6% smoked at least half a pack a day, 11.2% at least one pack a day.

Males smoked more than females. The poor, uneducated respondents smoked more than the relatively rich and educated.

Smoking was more rampant in the third decade of life than in other age groups. Smokers had a higher incidence of health problems and both nonsmokers and heavy smokers were less aware of the risk of smoking than light smokers.

In light of the above, it is suggested that Health Education, Advocacy and Community Sensitization should be a major component of tobacco and health policy in Nigeria.


The No-Tobacco Campaign started with Medical Check-Up for Men and Women at the University of Ibadan and ended with a Road Walk and Sensitization exercise.

The walk was themed: “Choose Health, Not Tobacco” in commemoration of the World No Tobacco Day Thursday, 31 May at the Agbowo Community. We walked round the Agbowo Community of Ibadan, sensitising the public. We also visited “Smoking joints” and we enlightened smokers on the dangers of smoking while we did medical check up for them. 

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