Ibadan Orphanage Tour 2016 shortened as IOT2016 was an event organized on the 27th of May, 2016 to commemorate the activities of the Children’s Day. This event was in partnership with various organizations with The Beat 97.9 FM Ibadan as our major partners.

The event included several phases;

Phase 1 – Volunteering: This is the phase were a call for volunteers was made by the organization to get interested and committed volunteers to participate, donate and initiate the Tour. Interested Volunteers came from far and wide. Notable Volunteers were student from University of Ibadan and its environs.

Orphanage Tour Banner


Phase 2: Solicitation and Donation: This is the phase were volunteers with selflessness and commitment took time, spent resources and expended energy to visit shops, supermarkets and corporate organizations for donations. Some donations came forth while some promises were made without fulfilment.

Phase 3: Planning and Mobilization: This phase was the marred with discussions ranging from how the event should be organized, less-privileged homes to visit, What time to visit them, and When to close the event for the day.

Phase 4: Pre-Outreach Tour Visit: This is the first phase of visitation to the proposed less-privileged homes to benefit from the Tour activities. Some of these homes include Ibadan Motherless Babies Home, Jesus Christ Ministries Outreach (JCMO) and Children of Promise Orphanage (CHIPROM).

Phase 5: Visitation and Donation: IOT2016 finally came through on the 27th of May 2016 with 3 Groups consisting of a Team of Volunteers from OVIWCE visiting Less-privileged homes to donate and organize a picnic for children with glamour and smile. One of the Group of volunteers were with The Beat 97.9 FM Team.


IOT2016 at JCMO, Ibadan. 


IOT2016 at CHIPROM, Ibadan.

Phase 6: Post-Visitation: Post-Visitation to the less-privileged homes that participated during the IOT2016 came up weeks after recording a successful event.

Donations at CHIPROM


We look forward to IOT2017, Thank You.

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